Saturday, January 21, 2006

Trip To Penang Group Photo- Dec 1968

This was the group that went to Penang after LCE 1968.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

This picture was taken in Port Dickson 1968
It was taken like 'rush' rush' towards the evening and it turned
out blur as well. At the extreme right was Chong Pak Chong and
wonder whether his right side was a visitor from 6th dimension
or a badly printed picture

Standing: Ong Siew Chuan, Oon Chee Nong, Seng Jee Oun, Nyasegar

Squatting: Pancracius, Chua Kim Teck, Tan Kim Toe

This picture taken in 1968 was almost a repeat of another one

in the earlier post, but I have included it as many of you will

remember the gardener who worked in Ledang School, and his

image was captured in th above photo. Maybe somebody can

try to track him down and find out how is he now.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well, if you fail the Form 2 round, you still have a chance to
convince yourself that you are OK. This time it is slightly closer,
only 38 years ago. Form 2, 39 years ago.
Back Row from left to right:
Chua Kim Teck, Ong Boon Tee, Tan Kim Toe, Pankracius, Huan Meng Chuan, Boo Hian, Chong Pak Chong, Oon Chee Nong, Nyasegar, Low Choon Foi, Chew Tian Shieng, Ong Siew Chuan, Soon Chee Liang(Soon See Neo), Seng Jee Oon(Monitor), Lee Chin Meng, Wan Lee Seng, Siah Boon Seng, Goh Kai Huan, Ong Hong Lim, Tey Cheng Kang, Gan Chong Cher, Tan Meng Yu, Vijayakumar, Tan Kian Joo, Adam.
Girls Standing from left to right:
Khoo Lui, Lim Ah Moi, Yau Yok Lan(Assistant Monitor), Yau Yin Moi, Cheong Yok Lan, Chia Yok Chan, Ong Siew Ngor, Chai Siew Chin, Rosemary Tan, Seng Ah Ngoh, Huang Yuet Ngor, Saw Ah Fai, Tan Ah Lai, Khamsiah, Elisepeth, Phua Mei Kwei, Boon Ah Moi.
Front Row(all teachers) from left to right:
Mr Cher Chee Chai(Maths), Mr Yau Mer Kua(Science)... you look at him when he teaches reproductive organs..., Mr Patrick Lau (Arts)...take that silly smile from your face...and here comes the flying saucer.... Mr Selveraj(History), Mr Koh Kim Hooi(Form teacher- English)...before you run, make sure you get your rubber shoes first..., Mr Ong Eng Leong(PE for boys only?), Ms Lee Lai Chan(Cookery), Pn Maimun(Bahasa), Ms Tey Lye Fong(Geography)...cereals planted in China, when come to rapeseed, she skips and continues reading.
...but you boys don't make her angry, she will cry...

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

Form 3B

Input welcome!

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

Undated and without comment

Appears to be girl guides camping or outdoor party.

(This photo from Lim bee Huan's collection)

How come I did'nt know there was "Farming Society"?

Papaya is fine and lucky Chou kan Yin and Ong Heng Ling

but they don't look like farmers.

(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)

After papaya, we can have sugar cane for dessert.

These were what we missed - Ledang farm products

by Farming Society

(These photos from Yuet Ngor's collection)

4 beauties!

You can see the bicycle shed and the Sci lab on the left.

Standing by bomboo shoots OK, but cannot stand on the plants.

Of course, cannot be outshined by the girls.

We also want to take one for memory 38 years later.

(This photo from Yuet Ngor's collection)

This was the year-end Penang trip. Hey, behave, fingers cannot simply

touch the guys! Puzzle: can you find 690 in the picture? Ans... give next year

(This photo from Yuet Ngor's collection)

Cameron Highlands, what a waste you don't visit it on the way.

(This photo from Yuet Ngor's collection)

Serious, Buddha is watching.

(This photo from Yuet Ngor's collection)

Look at the mannequine, it's so real we can pose next to her but don't

push, it may fall.